Matthew DeHart

Matt is a former US Air National Guard drone team member and alleged WikiLeaks courier who worked with the hactivist group Anonymous. After becoming the subject of a national security investigation — and allegations relating to a teenage pornography case which he vehemently denies — he fled from the United States to Canada with his family to seek political asylum and protection under the United Nations Convention Against Torture.

Abdul Maumin Khabir

Maumin was accused by the U.S. government of being an El Rukn general and "terrorist," and was sentenced to life in prison under RICO laws. Originally designed to allegedly combat organized crime, RICO laws are being used to attack individuals, movements and organizations that don't subscribe to the political objectives of the U.S. government. He was indicted in August 1986 and arrested over 8 years later in 1995. Prior to his capture, Maumin had been working to develop ties within the Republic of New Afrika, much during extensive travel in Africa.

Edward Pinkney, Rev.

On December 15 2014, Rev. Edward Pinkney, a leader in the struggle for social and economic justice for the residents of Benton Harbor, Michigan, was sentenced to serve 3 to 10 years in prison, on the basis of thin circumstantial evidence that a few dates had been altered on a recall petition against the city's mayor, James Hightower. The recall was prompted by the mayor's continued support for tax evasion by the Whirlpool Corporation, the Fortune 500 company and $19 billion global appliance manufacturer, headquartered in Benton Harbor. He was arrested on April 25, 2014.

Linus Soinjoki

Linus was charged and convicted for actions related to his involvement in the anti-fascist movement in Sweden. He was given fourteen months in prison and began serving his sentence in mid-May 2015.

Linus can read Swedish and English.

Linus would rather people contact a Swedish Antifa support page, Föreningen fånggruppen, for his address if people are interested in writing to him.


Valentin was arrested on July 1, 2015, and was accused of taking part in violent clashes between antifascist ultras and neo-Nazi hooligans after a football match between SV Werder Bremen and Hamburger SV. The violent confrontation began when fascist hooligans from Bremen attacked a group of ultras, identifying them as left-wing antifascists.  He is charged with aggravated battery and severe breach of the peace (schwerer Landfriedensbruch).

Vlad Lenko

Vlad Lenko is an antifascist from Ivatsevichi (Brest region). Detained on December 27, 2014 on suspicion of taking part in a fight with local neonazis that took place on December 23, 2014. Accused of group hooliganism and aggravated bodily harm.  In September 2015, he was sentenced to 6 years of penal colony with reinforced regime.

In September 2015 sentenced to 6 years of penal colony with reinforced regime and needs to pay a damage of 1000 euro.

In October 2019, Vlad was included in the amnesty and released.

Roman Bogdan

Roman Bogdan is an antifascist from Brest arrested on April 1, 2015 on suspicion of participation in the fight with neo-nazis that took place on May 8, 2013. Together with Dzmitry Stsyashenka they were charged with aggravated bodily harm.  On October 3, 2015, Roman was sentenced to 8 years of penal colony with reinforced regime (339.3, 147.2) and 3500 euro of damages to be paid to the injured nazis.  On December 15, 2015 his sentenced was reduced to 6 years.

In 2019, his term was commuted by the amnesty, projected release date is March 23, 2020.

Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor was charged and convicted for actions related to his involvement in the antifascist movement in Sweden. He is scheduled to be released on parole in October 2015.

Adam can read Swedish and English.

Nick Staffas

Nick Staffas was charged and convicted for actions related to his involvement in the antifascist movement in Sweden. He was scheduled for parole in September 2015.
Nick can read Swedish and English.


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