Bill Dunne

Bill Dunne is an anti-authoritarian sentenced to 90 years for the attempted liberation of an anarchist prisoner in 1979.Legal Case

Bill Dunne was arrested in 1979 when he and Larry Giddings attempted to free fellow revolutionary Artie Ray Dufur.  The two successfully freed Artie, but were arrested after an exchange of fire with police as they were fleeing the scene. Bill was charged with possession of an automatic weapon, auto theft, and with aiding & abetting the escape. Charges further alleged the operation was financed by bank expropriations and facilitated by illegal acquisition of weapons and explosives. Bill received and 80 year federal prison sentence.

In 1983, Bill attempted to escape prison and was given another 15 years in prison.

Life in Prison

Bill spent seven and a half years in lockdown at the infamous maximum security Marion prison for his attempted prison break.  During his time in Marion he helped social prisoners pursue their education, both politically and academically. In one case he helped prisoner Ernesto Santiago receive his GED.

Bill also continues to stay active politically, helping edit and write 4Struggle Magazine, organizing the yearly Running Down the Walls 5K for political prisoners, and served on the ABCF Prisoner Committee.

Bill went before the parole board in the winter of 2014, was rejected and given a 15 year ‘hit’ (meaning he cannot go back to the board for that time period).







Monday, August 3, 1953



Projected Release Date: 

Apr 01, 2043

Next Parole Hearing: 

November, 2029

Mailing Address: 

Bill Dunne #10916-086
FMC Butner
P.O. Box 1600
Butner, NC 27509
United States


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