Sven van Hasselt

Extradited from the Netherlands to the UK in February 2017 for charges that could carry 14 years in prison, as part of the Blackmail 3 case with Natasha and Debbie Vincent. In July 2012 Sven and Natasha were raided and arrested in Amsterdam under a European arrest warrant. They were accused of ‘conspiracy to blackmail’ in relation to Huntingdon Life Sciences (rebranded as Envigo). HLS is Europe’s largest animal testing laboratory and is the most notorious and protested lab in history. The UK government has gone to extraordinary lengths to stop people protesting against HLS, with increasing targeting and repression of campaigners. Sven and Natasha negotiated a non-cooperating plea deal and Sven was sentenced on January 24, 2018 to 5 years in prison.

Sven is from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He’s been vegan for 12 years and has volunteered with many human, animal and earth liberation campaigns. He’s currently studying to be a web/software developer. Sven loves nature, camping, music and sports. He enjoys mountain biking, crossfit, self-defence and is learning wind surfing.





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