Page Adoption

If you are doing direct support work for a prisoner or want to maintain their page, you can "adopt" their page. Adopting the page means only you can edit it and are responsible for making sure it gets updated. This helps prevent page vandalism and keeps page information accurate.

At this point in time, only one person/account can adopt a page at a time. If somebody has adopted the page you would like to adopt, please consider adopting another. If somebody is slacking on their duties, let us know.

Note that if multiple people want to adopt a page or take adoption of a page, we give priority to the following people in this order:

- Official Support Groups/campaigns as endorsed by the person who is the subject of the page

- Immediate Family Members

- Attorneys

In the event that multiple people from the above groups want to adopt a page, we ask that they work that out themselves. If they cannot, the current adopter will remain the adopter until we hear directly from the prisoner otherwise.

In your request for page adoption, please include your username on this website so we know who to assign the page to. We cannot make you a page adopter if we do not know your username. Contact us to get started.