Sergi Hernandez

Sergi Hernandez was arrested during a protest in Barcelona against a concert organized by the extreme right-wing National Democracy party on October 12, 2011. He and several other antifascists were charged in connection with the beating of Alejandro Fernandez, a promoter of the Barcelona fascist social center Casal Tramuntana, who attended the concert.

The morning of his trial, in October 2014, Sergi’s supporters held a protest calling for his acquittal; they were attacked by several dozen neo-Nazis. The fascist attackers included members from Casal Tramuntana, as well as several Falangists and members of the Third Positionist group Movimiento Social Republicano. The fascists, under the watchful eye of riot police who did nothing to prevent the attack, kicked and beat the antifa supporters, gave Nazi salutes, and shouted “Heil Hitler!” Many of the fascists wore Golden Dawn t-shirts.

In November 2014, Sergi was sentenced to two years in prison for aggravated assault motivated by “ideological hatred.” He appealed to the Supreme Court, who in July 2015, actually increased his sentence to three years! This follows months of repression against anarchists and other activists in Spain. In a statement read at a press conference after the Supreme Court’s verdict, Sergi said that “Barcelona has been, is and will be the tomb of fascism.”





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