Davide Delogu

Davide is an anarchist from Sardinia. He was arrested in 2010 and sentenced to 18 years in prison on charges of theft and attempted homicide allegedly of someone who was trying to stop him from leaving the scene of a robbery. There is not a lot of information about Davide's case so please contact us or comment below if you have any additional information.

Life in Prison

In 2011 he made an unsuccessful attempt to run away from prison and has another case started because of it. On May 1, 2017 made another attempt to escape from prison, but failed again. He was put in isolation for half a year, and the anarchist went on hunger strike. Trials for attempted evasion of Buoncammino prison (Cagliari) in 2010 as well as for an attempted escape from Augusta prison (Siracusa) in 2017 are still underway. He's also having a trial for riots that happened in Buoncammino prison in 2013, where he was held at the time. 

Because of his history of prison rebellion, he is most of the time held in solitary confinement, with strong restrictions on incoming mail, books, and political material. In a letter from 9th March 2018, Davide says he is no longer in solitary confinement. He's in a unit with other prisoners and in a cell alone. His mail is still under censorship. Books and other material are not being delivered. He sends greetings full of struggle to all.



Projected Release Date: 

Jan 01, 2028

Mailing Address: 

Davide Delogu
Via Roma Verso Scampia 350
80144 Naples NA


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