Ramon Labanino Salazar (Luis Medina)

Ramón Labañino Salazar was part of the Cuban Five serving 30 years, reduced from a life sentence plus 18 years before being freed on 12/17/14.

He was born in Havana on June 9, 1963. Even in primary school he distinguished himself, with responsibility supervising younger students. He graduated from high school in Marianao, Havana, where he earned various distinctions including diplomas as an outstanding and advanced student. In 1986, Labañino graduated as an economist from the University of Havana, graduating with first class honors. At the university, he was very active in all sport activities and participated in the All-Caribbean games. In June 1990 Labañino married Elizabeth Palmeiro Casado, and has two daughters with her, 14-year-old Laura, and 9-year-old Lisbet. He also has another daughter, Ailí, 18, from a previous marriage.