Panayiotis Argyrou

He was arrested on 01/11/2010 along with Gerasimos Tsakalos, while participating in one of the CCF’S campaigns, which involved the shipping of 14 parcel-bombs to various foreign embassies and leaders. They had two parcel bombs on them and another two had already been sent by them. While Tsakalos was known to police simply because he is an anarchist, Argyrou had a warrant out for his arrest since October 2009 on charges of belonging to the Fire Cells Conspiracy, and he was also awaiting trial for allegedly torching a public bus two years ago.

The comrade has been previously arrested in 2005 for attacking and damaging a Starbucks coffee shop and he was then tried as a minor. He has also been arrested for an eco-activist attack against a casino on Parnitha mountain and he was sentenced to 2 months on parole for refusing to give his fingerprints to the cops.

He is prosecuted for the above 14 parcel bombs case (ongoing trial), for the case concerning 250 attacks by CCF between 2008 and 2011 (ongoing trial), for the text in solidarity with Anarchist Squat Nadir (second eviction in October 2011), written by CCF, for squatting a radio station in 2007, in solidarity with a formerly imprisoned anarchist, for attacking cops, while being detained, during the Halandri trial on January 2011, for attacking a municipal police officer and for damaging his motorbike and for instigation concerning “Phoenix” project.

He is also prosecuted by the Italian state after a lawsuit by Silvio Berlusconi, concerning the parcel bomb which was shipped to him and he is also under investigation concerning “Ardire” case, which was launched on June 2012 by the Italian prosecuting authorities.

He has been sentenced to 77 years of imprisonment (37 after merging) for instigation in three explosive attacks carried out by CCF, for the possession of an explosive device and for being a member of CCF, from the trial concerning “Halandri case.” He may only have to serve 25 years due to a maximum limit in Greece.

In December 2014 was sentenced to 19 years 9 months and 1300 euros fine in the Nea Smyrni case.

He was released in April of 2019.


Text written by the comrade on hunger strike Panagiotis Argyrou

Letter from Gerasimos Tsakalos & Panagiotis Argyrou (regarding CCF)