Carmen Trotta

Carmen has been a member of the New York Catholic Worker for over thirty years.  He is an integral part of the community which operates two houses of hospitality on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, caring for the poor and homeless, offering meals, clothing and shelter. Carmen is also an associate editor of The Catholic Worker newspaper which is published seven times annually and has been in constant publication since 1933.

He is a graduate of Grinnell College, where he played football and studied religion.

More recently Carmen has been spending three days a week with his ninety-three year old father on Long Island, caring for him in his home where he wants to remain. Carmen’s large family – he has 5 brothers and 1 sister -- have greatly appreciated the flexibility of his work at the Catholic Worker making it possible for him to spend so much time caring for their father

Carmen  began their prison sentences on Dec. 14 and was released on home confinement in May 2021. His sentence will end on 11/23/2021.





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