Black Lives Matter uprisings

Arrested on charges stemming from Black Lives Matter uprisings.

Shamar Betts

Shamar Betts is a talented young man who once had a bright future ahead of him. After the devastating loss of his mother at age 12, he encountered many more challenges in his life. It was as if the deck was stacked against him. Nevertheless, he persisted in obtaining his high school diploma, living mostly on his own, and secured his first job working with children as a camp counselor in Urbana, Illinois.

Margaret Aislinn Channon

Margaret Aislinn Channon plead guilty to federal charges for reportedly lighting five Seattle Police Department cars on fire in the middle of a protest in Seattle during the George Floyd Uprising of 2020. She faced a prolonged case, serious state repression, and unfounded accusations from prosecutors and police throughout the course of her proceedings.

In March 2022 she was sentenced to 5 years incarceration. After 60 months' imprisonment, she will face 36 months of supervised release with special conditions. Her expected release date is June 5, 2026.

Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal

Lore has dedicated her entire life to serving people and making them feel better. She provides essential, life-sustaining services to the most vulnerable Philadelphians as a care worker. She supports community members who live with HIV and chronic illnesses to access medical and critical care, often at her own expense. She has maintained multiple studios in massage therapy and provides regular outcalls to elders and clients who cannot leave their homes. She is the irreplaceable rock of support for her family through health crises.

Colinford Mattis

Colinford Mattis is a father, a son, a brother, a friend, an advocate, and a dedicated and respected member of our community. On Saturday, May 30, Colin was arrested and taken into custody, and he is now being charged by the federal government with causing damage by fire to an empty police vehicle. The narrative told by the government and much of the media has attempted to erase Colin’s accomplishments and contributions to the communities of which he is a part.

Urooj Rahman

Urooj is a 31-year-old human rights lawyer and activist arrested during the protests in response to the murder of George Floyd.  She has since been indicted on seven counts for causing damage by fire to an abandoned and previously vandalized police vehicle.

Joshua (Josh) Williams

A staple of the Ferguson rebellion, Josh Williams was sentenced to 8 years in prison for attempting to a light fire near a Quick Trip gas station, during a protest against the killing of Black 18-year old Antonio Martin by police in Berkeley, Missouri on Christmas Eve 2014. Josh, who was 19 at the time of the incident, was charged with first-degree arson, and second-degree burglary for allegedly stealing under $500.


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