Margaret Aislinn Channon

Margaret Aislinn Channon plead guilty to federal charges for reportedly lighting five Seattle Police Department cars on fire in the middle of a protest in Seattle during the George Floyd Uprising of 2020. She faced a prolonged case, serious state repression, and unfounded accusations from prosecutors and police throughout the course of her proceedings.

In March 2022 she was sentenced to 5 years incarceration. After 60 months' imprisonment, she will face 36 months of supervised release with special conditions. Her expected release date is June 5, 2026.

Her info and a call for support were shared in 2020 and that call for support was reiterated in summer 2022 when her sentence began.

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Commissary info @ FCI Aliceville


Margaret Aislinn Channon


Sunday, July 31, 1994



Projected Release Date: 

Jun 05, 2026

Mailing Address: 

Margaret Channon #49955-086
FCI Aliceville
P.O. Box 4000
Aliceville, AL 35442
United States


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