Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal

Lore has dedicated her entire life to serving people and making them feel better. She provides essential, life-sustaining services to the most vulnerable Philadelphians as a care worker. She supports community members who live with HIV and chronic illnesses to access medical and critical care, often at her own expense. She has maintained multiple studios in massage therapy and provides regular outcalls to elders and clients who cannot leave their homes. She is the irreplaceable rock of support for her family through health crises.

Federal authorities raided Lore's home in the early morning hours of June 15, 2020, in a manner that was meant to intimidate her housemates and neighbors. It has now been publicly revealed that their surveillance and raid tactics are an attempt to discourage public demonstration. She is currently being held in custody pending a trial for charges with enhanced federal penalties despite hundreds of other protestors being charged with property crimes in state court.



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Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal #70002-066
FDC Philadelphia
P.O. Box 562
Philadelphia, PA 19105
United States


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Zero sympathy for her little

Zero sympathy for her little wannabe thug self, and I have zero respect for any organization that thinks she's anything other than a privileged little brat who will likely never do the time a black person would've done for her crime.

She isn't a part of any movement, and it's disgusting to give her that credit after her actions harmed the ACTUAL movement. FOH.

She hijacked peaceful protests started by the black community to play thug and feel like a badass. She deserves to be in prison.