Operazione Panico/Operation Panic

Florence, April 21, 2016: someone attacked the carabinieri barracks in Rovezzano, the Florentine suburbs, with a molotov.

Florence, January 1, 2017 an explosive device placed outside the bookshop “Il Bargello” run by neo-fascists group Casa Pound explodes in the hands of a policeman who is severely injured.

Following these two anonymous attacks, Operazione Panico launched. Within a few months this operation led to two evictions (Villa Panico and the Riottosa), dozens of precautionary measures, several stops and arrests. Forty comrades were under trial, accused for various reasons for unauthorized initiatives and attacks on the Fascist headquarters, with charges ranging from the event without warning to damage, to the criminal association, the manufacture and the port of explosive devices, the attempted murder. Three comrades, Salvatore Vespertino (Ghespe), Giovanni Ghezzi and Pierloreto Fallanca (Paska), have been in prison for months. The trial will begin on 12 July 2018. They can be written to at:

Ghespe: Salvatore Vespertino c.c. Sollicciano via Minervini 2r 50142 Firenze

Giovanni Ghezzi c.c. Sollicciano via Minervini 2r 50142 Firenze

Paska: Pierloreto Fallanca, C.C. contrada Ceppata n.1, 64100 Teramo

Case Status: 

People in this case: 



Florence FI

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