Samir Abu Nima

Samir Ibrahim Mahmoud Abu Nima is a resident of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the occupied city of Jerusalem. The occupation arrested Abu Nima on 10/20/1986 and held him under interrogation for nearly two months, before a life sentence was pronounced against him and he was transferred to Ramon prison. He had been a dedicated struggler in the Palestinian resistance and was involved in a number of armed resistance operations targeting Israeli occupation soldiers. Abu Nima is among 13 long-time prisoners of Jerusalem whose names have been consistently excluded by the occupation from prisoner exchanges with the resistance and other agreements for prisoner release.

Life in Prison

He has been transferred repeatedly among multiple prisons and detention centers, including al-Mascobiyeh interrogation center, Ramle prison clinic, and Ramon, Shatta and Ashkelon prison, where he is currently held. He has suffered from pain in his neck and spinal nerves since his torture under interrogation many years ago. The lacerations at the base of his neck affect his joints and cause him severe pain. He also has severe foot pain and is unable to stand for long periods of time. He has had over six surgeries during his time in prison and is still awaiting care for other serious medical problems.



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