Muhammad Adel Daoud (Abu Ghazi)

Muhammad has been detained by the occupation since his arrest on 18 December 1987 making him one of the pre-Oslo Palestinian prisoners. A dedicated resistance struggler born in 1962, he was sentenced to life in prison for targeting the cars of illegal settlers on the Qalqilya bypass road, including the head of the Qalqilya area settlement council and for his role in the Fateh armed resistance. His family was subjected to collective punishment after his arrest and imprisonment, as the occupation confiscated their family home.

Despite multiple prisoner exchanges and a supposed agreement to release prisoners accopanying the Oslo Accords, the occupation has refused to release him. He was denied family viits altogether for many years and continues to be allowed family visits only once a year. During his time behind bars, he lost both his father and mother and was prohibited from attending their funerals. In fact, his father suffered a fatal heart attack the night before he was to visit Mohammed. He had gathered family photos to take to Mohammed in prison and died with the photos still in his pocket, not having seen his beloved son.

In 2021, the occupation prison administration transferred Mohammed Daoud from Gilboa prison to Afula hospital by ambulance after his health deteriorated, only after pressure and demands from his fellow prisoners about the deterioration of his health. He has suffered from continuous illness due to long and harsh conditions of detention in addition to the systematic policy of medical negligence that affects all sick prisoners. During his time behind occupation bars, he has lost most of his teeth and relies on eating soups and liquids. He has suffered from severe abdominal pain for some time and later developed chronic stomach problems that required surgery. He also suffers from psoriasis, a skin condition that caused cracks and bleeding, and he requires additional surgery to address his ongoing medical issues.



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