Lisa Dorfer

On April 13th, 2016, the Mossos d’Esquadra (the police force of Catalonia), in collaboration with the German police, raided three homes in Barcelona, which culminated in the arrest of two women comrades accused of expropriating a branch of the Pax Bank (which is owned by the Vatican) in Aachen, Germany. The ensuing trial resulted in the acquittal of one of the comrades, and a sentence of 7.5 years for Lisa, a comrade who has been very actively involved in anarchist, feminist and anti-racist struggles in Barcelona.

Lisa was jailed for trial in the center of JVA Köln, in the federal state of Nordrhein-Westfalen (western Germany). She was sentenced to 7 and half years, accused of a bank expropriation in 2014. She was held in isolation in Germany, leaving for only an hour in the yard, and with communications with the outside highly restricted. In March 2019, she was finally transferred out of isolation and sent to Spain.

After a year of being held in Spain, the prison supervisory magistrate decided to reduce Lisa’s freedom of movement as she was “enjoying” semi-liberty (“tercer grado”, i.e. out in the daytime, weekends and other permits) by applying the 100.2, a condition that refuses exits at weekends and during the week unless justified for reasons of work.

This decision is the result of the appeal filed by the prosecutor of the Audiencia Nacional last last November asking for a return to “segundo grado”  (or no chance to get out of prison), appealing to the fact that the comrade had not denied her anticapitalist and anarchist ideology. Lisa’s lawyer appealed.

Lisa was released on parole in April of 2021.




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