Gerasimos Tsakalos

Gerasimos Tsakalos was arrested on 01/11/2010 along with Panagiotis Argyrou during a CCF campaign, which involved the shipping of 14 parcel bombs to several foreign embassies and leaders. Two more parcel bombs were found on them and another two had already been delivered by them.

He is prosecuted for the action above, for the “case concerning 250 attacks of CCF” between 2008-2011, for a text in solidarity with Anarchist Squat Nadir (second eviction in October 2011) written by CCF, for being an instigator for “Phoenix” project and for being an instigator to terrorist actions, concerning a case, for which other people are prosecuted and which involves bank robberies, forgery and incendiary attacks.  He was convicted in December 2014 and sentenced to 21 years and 9 months.

He is also prosecuted by the Italian state, because of a law suit by Silvio Berlusconi about the parcel bomb, which was shipped to him and he is also under investigation concerning operation “Ardire,” which was launched on June 2012, by the Italian prosecuting authorities.

In 2016 got 115 years of jail together with other CCF members for attepted escape and othe actions of CCF.


Letter from Gerasimos Tsakalos about the new prosecution for CCF

Now that the circus is over…

Letter from Gerasimos Tsakalos

Letter from Gerasimos Tsakalos & Panagiotis Argyrou

Letter by Michalis Nikolopoulos and Gerasimos Tsakalos

Life in Prison

On 03/01/2015, at night, the members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Christos Tsakalos and Gerasimos Tsakalos, the member of FAI Andreas Tsavdaridis and the anarchist Spyros Mandylas were transferred to the special wing, in the basement of the womens’ section of Korydallos prison. The four comrades were well and high-spirited; they were able to communicate and their psychology was good.

In March of 2015, Gerasimos and Giorgos Polydoros participated in a hunger strike from prison.  He suffered from very strong headaches almost permanently on a daily basis as a result of the multi-day hunger strike.





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