Damiano Bolano

Damiano Bolano was wanted for his participation in CCF since September 2009. He was arrested on 14/03/2011, along with another four members of the group, after a raid by the special police forces and Anti-terrorist agency in the house they were living in Volos. He is prosecuted for “Volos case,” for involvement with explosives and guns, founded in the possession of other people accused of being members of CCF (arrests in Pireus and Kallithea), for the case concerning the shipping of 14 parcel-bombs and for the “case concerning 250 attacks of CCF."

He is also prosecuted for the text in solidarity with Anarchist Squat Nadir (second eviction in October 2011), which was written by CCF, for instigation concerning “Phoenix” project and for participating in the squating of radio station in solidarity with a formerly imprisoned anarchist, in 2007. Finally, he is under investigation concerning “Ardire” operation, which was launched by the Italian state on June 2012.

After his arrest, he revealed that he is a Fire Cells Conspiracy member. Damiano is serving a 34 years sentence for being member of Conspiracy Cells or Fire (CCF) and charges stemming from the 'Halandri case' trial and will be deported after serving the maximum 25 years.

In 2014 got 24 years 2 months and 1200 euros fine in the Nea Smirni case.

In 2016 among ten other members of CCF received 115 years of jail for other account of CCF struggle.

He was released in May 2019.


Text written by the comrades – hunger strikers Michalis Nikolopoulos and Damianos Bolano from Evaggelismos hospital

Letter by Damianos Bolano from Domokos prison

Letter from O. Economidou, G.Polydoros, G.Nikolopoulos, D.Bolano, Ch.Tsakalos