Musa Aşoğlu

Musa is a Turkish revolutionary who was arrested in Hamburg, Germany, on December 2, 2016. He has been accused by the fascist Turkish intelligence service of being a central committee member of DHKP-C (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front). Because DHKP-C has targeted US imperialists and their interests in Turkey by attacking military and diplomatic personnel, striking a blow against US imperialism, the reactionary US government seeks to extradite him and has placed a $3 million bounty on his head. Musa has spent most of his life as a revolutionary fighting against US imperialism, Turkish fascism, and the reactionary order of the bourgeoisie. He has, as an internationalist, championed progressive causes all over the world in solidarity with the world proletarian revolution. In February of 2019, he was sentenced to 6 years and 9 months. Musa is a Dutch citizen, but the US will do everything in its power to extradite him. The Belgian government has already charged and acquitted Musa once before for alleged membership in the banned DHKP-C, but the Turkish state has long arms and deep pockets. If Musa is extradited, his chances of exoneration and freedom are greatly reduced. Revolutionary organizations the world over have begun solidarity actions in defense of Musa, who had been living underground prior to his arrest, which took place in a raid on a safe house. The only “evidence” of his alleged crimes was provided by the Turkish anti-terrorist file service, which is famous for its use of torture to acquire confessions and for falsifying data. 

On the morning of August 22, 2023 he was extradited to the Netherlands, then released after the official procedures in the Netherlands.



Tuesday, August 15, 1961