Juan Flores Riquelme

Juan is serving a sentence of 23 years, having been convicted by the Chilean state for incendiary attacks in 2014 claimed by the Conspiracy Cells of Fire and International Conspiracy of Revenge. On July 23, 2014 a CCF cell bombed "The Dominicans" station of the Santiago Metro, and on September 8, 2014 a shopping mall in Las Condes. In both instances, measures were taken to ensure the bombs would not hurt anyone, but in the former a bag containing the bomb was moved by a Metro employee, and in the latter the police ignored a warning call the CCF cell made before the bomb was set to go off. As a result, people were injured, and the Chilean state claimed they were meant to terrorize the population. They used an anti-terrorism law to obtain maximum senetncing on March 15, 2018 after Juan was found guilty. Two others were initially charged alongside Juan, but, after over 3 years of detainment and criminal proceedings, were found not guilty on all counts.



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Juan Flores Riquelme
Unidad Especial de Alta Seguridad/carcel de Alta Seguridad
1902 Avda. Pedro Montt