Joaquín García

Detained on November 19, 2015 after the arrest of Kevin Garrido after the attack on the prison training school. Police say they have been under investigation for months.

Joaquín was convicted of the explosive attack against the 12 police station in San Miguel, accused under the arms control law. After remaining in prison, he was able to access house arrest from where he escaped later to be captured in September 2016, carrying a revolver and ammunition, returning to preventive detention.

Judicial Situation:  Convicted under the Arms Control Law for the attack against the 12 police station (10 years) + The carrying of a revolver when he was a fugitive (3 years): Total 13 years in prison.



Projected Release Date: 

Nov 19, 2028

Mailing Address: 

Joaquín García
Complejo Penitenciario Rancagua – Módulo 1
Calle La Gonzálina s/n
Rancagua Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins