Harilaos "Haris" Hatzimichelakis

Haris was arrested with Panayiotis Argyrou on 23/09/2009 during the first police operation against CCF, and is serving 25 years in prison out of a total sentence of 37 years for their part in the so-called "Halandri Case," where his house in Halandri was raided and an explosive device, ready to use, was found.

He received a second pre-trial detention, after his public statement admitting he is a member of CCF, prosecuted for instigation concerning the case of the shipping of 14 parcel bombs.

The comrade is prosecuted for the case concerning 250 attacks by CCF between 2008 and 2011 (ongoing trial), for the text in solidarity with Anarchist Squat Nadir (second eviction in October 2011), for secretly recording prosecutor Mokkas, for attacking cops, while being detained, during the Halandri trial on January 2011 and for and for instigation concerning “Phoenix” project.

He is also prosecuted by the Italian state after a law suit by Silvio Berluscni, concerning the parcel bomb which was shipped to him and he is also under investigation concerning “Ardire” case, which was launched on June 2012 by the Italian prosecuting authorities.

The comrade is sentenced to 77 years of imprisonment (37 after merging) for his participation in CCF and for the accusations concerning “Halandri case”.


Text written by the comrade on hunger strike Haris Hatzimihelakis from Gennimatas hospital

Statement of Responsibility Claim from Haris Hatzimihelakis

Haris Hatzimihelakis – Never Again Unarmed

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