Francisco Solar

Francisco was arrested in Novermber of 2013, along with Mónica Caballero in what is being called the Pandora II case, and accused of being part of Insurreccional Commando Mateo Morral who have claimed responsibility for two explosive attacks on historic symbols of the Spanish Catholic church in 2013.  At the trial, in early March, it became clear that the police had no convincing physical evidence. Video footage was blurry and nearly all from Barcelona, where Monica and Francisco were living, and several hours away from Zaragoza, where they are accused of placing a small bomb in an empty cathedral. DNA evidence on the bomb and on the payphone from which a call was made do not match them. The police witness who claimed to use advanced biometrics to identify them from footage based on the way they walked turned out to be a simple cop with no degree in biometrics.  He was sentenced to 12 years on March, 30th 2016, but the sentence was reduced on appeal to 4 years and 6 months.

The Audiencia Nacional (National Court) of Spain decided on January 30 to commute the rest of Mónica and Francisco‘s sentence to expulsion. The lawyers of the comrades are thought to have requested for article 89 of the Spanish Penal Code to be invoked which allows for foreign citizens serving more than one year’s imprisonment to have their sentence replaced with expulsion from the Spanish state. They were released in Santiago on March 9, 2017.