Connor Stevens

In his own words: "More than any other content, I enjoy a letter in which the writer touches on their own experiences. The synchronicity so often revealed in these letters, resonating with my life as well as letters from other folks, has a profound beauty which reveals new connections, where seemingly isolated incidents become patterns.

My interests are extremely varied and difficult to map out. I am currently studying anarchist pedagogies, Jungian psychology, Indology, feminism, depth psychology, toxicology, ancient Earth religions (especially that of the Maya, the Babylonians, and India), political anthropology (in particular, Pierre Clastres), and ufology/contactee experiences, among others."

From a supporter and friend, Justine: “Connor is a beautiful poet, and an amazing, trustworthy, loving friend. You can always count on him if you needed someone to talk to. He is an artist. He loves chess, and reading, and studying. I heard he had a book actually published, and a good amount of his poetry published."




Wednesday, December 16, 1992



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