Alfredo Cospito

Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai were arrested on September 14th, 2012 and accused of shooting Ansaldo Nucleare manager and Finmeccanica affiliate, Roberto Adinolfi, in the knees – an action carried out by Olga nucleus FAI/FRI in May 2012. In May 2015, their sentences were reduced, Alfredo’s to 9 years and 5 months in prison, Nicola’s to 8 years and 8 months.

Second Case (Scripta Manent)

In September 2016, they were declared suspects in a new case of participation in an underground organization with terrorist intentions (Informal Federation of Anarchists). In April 2019, Alfredo was sentenced to 20 years, held responsible for the possession and transport of explosives in relation to the bomb in Parco Ducale near the Parma RIS (“scientific investigation department” of Carabinieri) of 24 October 2005 (acquitted of the crime of attack because “crime impossible” because the switch of the bomb was off), of the explosive envelope sent to the then mayor of Bologna Cofferati in 2 November 2005 (convicted of the bombing plus “possession and transportation of explosives”), of attacks with multiple explosive devices at the Carabinieri school of Fossano on June 2, 2006, and in the Crocetta district in Turin in 7 March 2007 (crime of “massacre aggravated by the fact that the goal would have been the police” and acquitted of the aggravating circumstance of political motivation), of sending explosive parcels to the then mayor of Turin (Chiamparino), to the editor of the newspaper “Torino Cronaca” (Giuseppe Fossati) and to COEMA Edilità (company involved in the restructuring of the CIE, “identification and expulsion center” for migrants) in July 2006. He is also indicated as promoter of the FAI (Federazione Anarchica Informale), recognized as a “subversive association with terrorism purposes.” The aggravating circumstance of trans-nationality was dropped. On December 5th, 2022 there was a hearing on whether to upgrade their charges to 'political massacre,' charges which carry a sentence of life imprisonment. 

Life in Prison

In May of 2022, Alfredo was moved to a high security prison (41bis regime designed for mafia bosses) because he continued to communicate with the anarchist movement during his incarceration. It entails 23 hours a day in an isolation cell as well as social and sensory isolation. Shortly after his transfer to this repressive unit, he began an indefinite hunger strike. *There is no mail service to this prison.*




Projected Release Date: 

Sep 14, 2051

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